Hi, I'm Sanket Khandare

Vice President - Emerging Tech @ Winjit
Alumnus - IIM Bangalore

Technology Leader by Profession ..
Photographer & Blogger by Hobby ..
Upcoming Author by Passion!


Loves exploring new technologies, using them effectively & writing code with multiple languages


Responsible for heading & strategizing growth, managing IP of emerging tech division.


We all can dance when we find music we love; for me, it’s my child. Source of happiness & energy.

“A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions.” – Marcus Aurelius

Born and brought up in a small city, a pilgrimage of India, Nashik. Thoughts of doing something ambitious brought my attention to the world of emerging tech.

Few things I practice

With an experience dealing in the dynamic & ever-changing environment of the tech sector, able to set and scale up proficient teams into profitable, independent & self sustaining divisions.


As a key technology thought leader, I have been able to execute the vision of some of the promising entrepreneurs and tech startups to a whole new level.


Technology is my passion & I love programming; worked on various tech, which helps me & my organization to keep pace with the latest trends.


Having experience in managing large & complex Products / Project. While working with both traditional and agile methodologies, I prefer to practice agile development.


Most important attributes of a successful leader is their ability and commitment to grooming and developing others. With this commitment, I have developed a few leaders and more work is in progress.


Emerging Tech

Emerging technologies are which could impact business in the near and distant future, or tech which exists but not yet matured in mainstream business.

To be competitive & successful, it is important for the business to focus on emerging tech, this not only gives a competitive edge but also brings new revenue models which help in the growth of the business.

There is a necessity for the business to focus on emerging tech but high agility, lack of talent, investment of time & money and lack of proper strategy impede business to think about it. If you are in IT product/services business, then you can’t shy away from emerging tech.

There are many emerging techs which are looking prominent, my personal interest is with the following:

 Artificial Intelligence
 Internet of Things
 Machine Learning
 Blockchain

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