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Feel My Words ..

Product Manager – CEO of their Product

While working in the field of IT, I feel lots of people having confusion with ‘What is Project’ and ‘What is the Product’, this confusion also leads to even bigger confusion on manager.. What differentiates Project Managers & Product Managers, which often used in replacement with one another! These roles often cause confusion, even in tech companies.…
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Success Mantra – Sustainable Positivity

Recently I had very good conversation with one of my friend. A positive guy, who was little frustrated. He made one statement which motivated me to write this article. Until now, I have taken it positively, but no more! This was not the first time I had heard this statement, in some way or another we…
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Centre Of Excellence (COE) – New Innovation

In last few years, Winjit grown enormously from 30-40 developers to 200+. Not just in head count but also in the technologies which brings lot of good to have problems. Every growing company faces good to have problems. We are not different, and faced interesting problems which looks like common for many software development companies. To…
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Why challenges are always required?

The work environment is an often fast-paced, dynamic and challenging one – especially true for those working within the information technology industry that requires constant creativity, analytical thinking, perfectionism and adherence to tight deadlines. Challenges are always considered and treated as problem and people tries avoid challenges as much as they can. As a matter of fact,…
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