Centre Of Excellence (COE) – New Innovation

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Centre Of Excellence (COE) – New Innovation

In last few years, Winjit grown enormously from 30-40 developers to 200+. Not just in head count but also in the technologies which brings lot of good to have problems.

Every growing company faces good to have problems.

We are not different, and faced interesting problems which looks like common for many software development companies. To name few, following are the common problems.

  1. Managerial Leadership grown to next level, but not Technical Leadership
  2. Lack of standards across team
  3. Review process is getting difficult
  4. Quality of work is not improved as of expected
  5. Senior team reluctant to innovate, so lack of innovations
  6. Things getting out of control sometimes

To address this, Winjit brought in new innovation ‘Centre Of Excellence (COE)‘ before few days.

Here is basic idea:

  1. Separate team (virtual) is formed
  2. Good young developers are considered than reluctant seniors
  3. For every technology sub group is created
  4. 20% of there time will be allocated to COE related activities


Following responsibilites are set based on phase of project / product management

  1.  Pre-Development
    1. Setting & Educating about Development Standards
    2. Defining Project Architecture
  2.  Development
    1. Code Reviews (Ad-hoc / Request)
    2. Technical Guidance
  3.  Post Development
    1. Retrospective
    2. New Frameworks

In subsequent article, will provide more details about the same.

Feel free to write your comments / questions.


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