Completion of career’s 10 years in same & first company

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Completion of career’s 10 years in same & first company

19 June 2006, the date when I started my career. After completion of engineering graduation only in weeks time I started working. Yes, I was selected in campus placement, so no more waiting period.

Today, I successfully completed 10 years of my career and yes, in the same company where I have started.

Here, I would like to share my thoughts, my experience and glimpse of my journey.

The Beginning of Career

Everyone remembers their first day of career, so do I! 19 June 2006 @9:30 am I entered in the premise of ‘Winjit‘, a growing & well known tech company. Which is currently having hundred of employees and several branches across the globe.

Well, when I joined, the company was not such a big as of now or even well know (at least to me 🙂 ). The first time I had heard about name, is the time when I have given an interview! Got selected and here I am!

First day was rooking, we 7 people joined together and previously the company had around 15. Everyone was excited and so our seniors and directors. First half went in introduction & induction process, the second half started with trainings on basic things. OOPs, VB.NET to mention a few.

I thought trainings would go for weeks time & went as well for others; but for me on day 1 I got pulled in one of the project. For me, it was good as even after 16 years of hearing lectures yet again after joining the company is something non-motivational!

The First Project

Directly started working on a live project, one of the best things happened to me! The project was in VBA language, which I had never heard before! My colleague (senior) was a lady, she was nice, explained me everything properly. She also gave continuous on the job training, which made me easy to grasp and perform. There were late settings from day 1, but which we loved and never complain about. With her guidance, my hard work we managed to complete the project within 3 months as planned; which was my first success in career.

In these times, everyone becomes a good friend, we started partying and we even had our first company trip within the first week of our joining.

Worked for 10 Years, was it planned?

Well, did I mention that I am still currently working in the same company?

10 years in same & first company is a big deal, & if you are in the field of IT, it is surely bigger!

I had never thought that I would be working for 10 years in the same company, in fact, my original plan was to work only for 6 months or a year and move to so called big MNC. But then there were lots of motivational factors which kept me moving.

By every year on year, I gave thought of switching my job; to be frank, I gave several attempts and even got selected but was never able to get myself out. As Winjit became my family!

Factors of Motivation

If you serve any company for 10 years, even for more than a few years, definitely there would be many problems which you would have faced. I have faced many, rather countless, and to sustain, you need strong motivation. Behind my long journey there are many factors which motivated me enough to handle any pressure and any situation.

  1. Culture of the Company

    One of the most motivational factor for me is a company’s culture. Friendly working environment, curiosity to know more and hunger to do more keeps me motivated. Deliberate effort for continuous improvement, the way problem’s are handled is surely admirable. When trust is DNA of any company, it becomes easy for everyone to work freely.

  2. Kind of Work

    I consider myself lucky to get the kind of work which I always expected. I have worked on more than 10+ technologies and not at a fundamental level, but with the depth is something I am admiring of. I got promoted several times for challenging roles tested me really well.

  3. The People surrounding you

    We work as a team, so people are most important factor. I must say I got most helpful & caring seniors, friendly peers and wonderful team (my juniors). We had the fight every now and then, but attitude to solve problem keeping aside everyone’s ego make us feel good!

  4. Success

    Success makes everything easy! It does not mean we have never seen failure, but at the end, final result matters. If I see back to the history, there are lots of achievements; as an individual as a team and as an organization!

  5. Money

    Who said money is not motivating factor in career; if not the only point, but it is one of the important points for sure. Getting as good as I can get outside or even more sometimes; kept factor of money out of my mind.

  6. Leadership

    Although I mention it last, but this is the biggest out of all! If we have great people as leader / director / owner of any company; then success is guaranteed. Well, does not presume I have a goody-goody relationship with my boss, in fact, most of the fights / argument which I had in my entire career is with my boss! But that never act as a bottleneck and they have always shown trust in me and as well as in others.

Do I missing anything?

While working in the same organisation for more than 10 years, surely I feel I have missed a few things. Sometimes, while speaking with my friends who have switched lots of jobs they mention you haven’t seen the world. By working in more than one company does give you taste of various cultures / policies / politics. Probably I have missed that, probably 🙂

One more thing which my friends said that I am missing is, exposure. Well, I am not sold to it that much, considering, I got a chance to visit see of countries, to visit lots of companies and to interact with lots of people.

What Next

Many of the times question come to my mind is what next, and if you have read this article in its entirety you would also have the same question!

The answer is, well, I don’t know.

The Fun is in the journey and not in planning that journey! — Sanket!


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