Crack 2048 Game – Tricks for Better Score

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Crack 2048 Game – Tricks for Better Score

Now a days, short and different games are really making the buzz.

Previously we have seen how mobile games like ‘Flappy Bird’ changed the way people think about games and even small games can be as¬†addictive as big games. Mobile gaming is really large market and success of these small games shows enormous potentials of mobile gaming.

From last few days, we are seen a new buzz in mobile games, “2084”!

This is really simple to play game based on simple mathematics but you don’t really have to be math genius to play this game. Logic is really simple,¬†Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile is created, the player wins!

The 2048 game is an amazingly simple and fun browser-based puzzle released by Gabriele Cirulli, a 19-year-old developer from Italy.

This game looks really simple when you start playing, but when you move ahead it gets complicated, too complected and achieving 2048 tiles gets really difficult.

As this is math game, so there is simple mathematical solution to complex problem, so you can certainly crack the logic and have high score by following tricks.

You just have to follow 3 things.

1. Arrow restriction: use right & down
2. Always “fix” the 4th column
3. Sort the 4th column



Look at following video for better explanation!

Some Additional Tips for playing 2048!

– If you focus on building the 4th column, you’ll learn how best to build the 3rd.
– Advanced technique: left arrow (in my strategy) is useful to recover from the situation where the 4th column is unsorted. In that case, don’t forget to “fix” the 3rd and 4th rows by filling them in.
– Recovery tip: To recover from the situation like tile[3][4]=1024 and tile[4][4]=2, use arrows including Left and push 1024 into a different corner. Then do the “change-of-gravity” (change the arrow restriction accordingly).
– Concentrate and think ahead. One small mistake can ruin the game especially in the later stage of the game.

I know, now you can also get wining state in 2048!


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