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What is Machine Learning in simple terms?

Machine learning (ML) is starting to reshape how we live, and it’s time we understood what it is and why it matters. Two important breakthroughs led to the emergence of Machine Learning with the speed it currently has. One of these was the realization – credited to Arthur Samuel in 1959 – that rather than teaching computers…
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Why Big Data Matters : Interesting Facts

Big data, however you define it, has been praised and vilified. It’s many things to many people: a boon to scientists and retailers, but also an enabling technology for a host of privacy and security threats. Whether savior or scam — or maybe even a mixture of the two — big data remains a popular…
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Top 10 IT Tech to look for in 2015

Year 2014 is ending and we are on verge of year 2015. Following are few technologies in field of IT which I believe can be crucial to consider, and as a top management IT representative you should consider that! Virtual Reality Virtual Reality term is initially coined by Jaron Lanier in the 1970’, after 2000…
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