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Feel My Words ..

Code, Good Code and Great Code

Martin Flower once said: Any fool can write code that computer can understand. Good Programmers can write code that human can understand! This is so true, I have been doing code review of my team quite often from last 3-4 years and released some good facts about ‘source code’ in general. Here are quick facts: I…
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ASP.NET MVC – Simplified

We as a company working on ASP.NET MVC from long time, and considering lot of benefits we decided to move on ASP.NET MVC for all future / upcoming projects. This is certainly great move but difficult to digest to some of our legacy developers. While asking question, why? most common answer came to me as MVC…
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.NET Native – Productivity of C# with Power of C++

I remember years before I was in debate with one of my friend who works on C++. The topic of discussion was ‘C# or C++ which is better‘. We had interesting hated argument with no conclusion! This was but obvious as both tools have there own advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of using C# is to get better productivity. …
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