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Feel My Words ..

Branches of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Part 1

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not new, though in recent years it has created hype. Due to its relation to automation; which a lot of people relate to job reduction (although I don’t think so) as a result, AI is suddenly in the lamplight! Does AI really matter to us? Surely, many legends are talking about…
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Completion of career’s 10 years in same & first company

19 June 2006, the date when I started my career. After completion of engineering graduation only in weeks time I started working. Yes, I was selected in campus placement, so no more waiting period. Today, I successfully completed 10 years of my career and yes, in the same company where I have started. Here, I would like…
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Code, Good Code and Great Code

Martin Flower once said: Any fool can write code that computer can understand. Good Programmers can write code that human can understand! This is so true, I have been doing code review of my team quite often from last 3-4 years and released some good facts about ‘source code’ in general. Here are quick facts: I…
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Centre Of Excellence (COE) – New Innovation

In last few years, Winjit grown enormously from 30-40 developers to 200+. Not just in head count but also in the technologies which brings lot of good to have problems. Every growing company faces good to have problems. We are not different, and faced interesting problems which looks like common for many software development companies. To…
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So why exactly project manager is paid for?

While working in software industry and managing various projects, occasionally few of my friends and relatives do ask a question: What is role of Project Manager, is it like a supervisor in mechanical industries? Or Union Leader? It is not only asked by non-IT people, even few team member does not understand why we require…
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