Tapplock – Smart Lock with Fingerprint detection

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Tapplock – Smart Lock with Fingerprint detection

Everyday innovations happens, and we see something new, creative and cool use of technology!. Some of those innovations are meant to solve some real stupid issues.

Have you ever faced challenge of forgetting door keys somewhere or someone else took it and you are waiting for them? I think every one of us have faced this for sure!

Now there is a solution for this problem, which is Tapplock!

A company called Pishon Lab has launched a smart padlock that you can open with your fingerprint, in much the same way you unlock a smartphone.

TappLock is the ultimate smart fingerprint padlock that seamlessly integrates into your life and unlocks in only 0.8 seconds.
No more keys, no more combination codes, and even no phone is required to open the lock.

Enrolment  is done via a mobile app, and you can add fingerprints for yourself and up to 99 of your closest friends. You can even program an access schedule into a TappLock, and you can manage multiple locks from a single dashboard login. If someone tries to gain unauthorized access — or cuts the lock — a built-in alarm will sound off.

Smart, isn’t it?



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