Top 10 IT Tech to look for in 2015

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Top 10 IT Tech to look for in 2015

Year 2014 is ending and we are on verge of year 2015.

Following are few technologies in field of IT which I believe can be crucial to consider, and as a top management IT representative you should consider that!

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality term is initially coined by Jaron Lanier in the 1970’, after 2000 it started gaining more weightage and we see great products are coming out.
This will be really big in 2015, we can see major development for gaming non gaming platform using VR techniques.

Mobile Payments

Doing payments using Mobile will be next big thing, as it is simple / easy to use method, it holds lot of potentials. Apple and Google are working hard to bring in this and we can surely see other players are coming as well

Big Data & Analytics

Big Data is now no more grey area and enterprises have started understanding importance of it for future development. Getting insights of various analytics will be key for decision making and also for overall customer satisfaction

Next Level of Cloud Offerings

Players like Amazon, Microsoft Azure are moving to rapid development in SaaS and PaaS modules. IaaS has evolved a lot and I don’t feel there will be major breakthrough will happen in this segment.

Internet Of Things

IOT is technology which helps us interact with things around us in various ways. The things can be systems, machines or static objects. Unlike M2M which is used for machine to machine communication for mere monitoring and control applications, IoT is used for wide variety of applications.

There is lot of hype about this as we can see major things will happen in 2015 in this space.

3D Printing


Although this is not new and this year also it have lot of applications, I believe same will be there in next year. Few things which we can see like reduction in cost, better printers, speed improvements. Which will help to bring 3D printers in household use in near future.

Lets hope for the best, will write more on it as we move, so stay tune 🙂

Happy New Year in Advance!


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