White Paper – Demystifying Industrial IoT

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White Paper – Demystifying Industrial IoT

IoT or the Internet of Things is a network – Vehicles, physical devices, buildings and every other item embedded with sensors, software’s, electronics for network connectivity enabling collection and exchange of data.

Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT will have an impact on the legal, ethical, security and social fields. Workers could potentially abuse it, hackers could potentially access it, corporations may not want to share their data, and individual people may not like the complete absence of privacy.

For these reasons, the Internet of Things especially IIoT needs to be better managed, better planned and better designed. This needs to be done whilst ensuring a secure and seamless data flow between the devices and cloud.

My white paper talks about the same and can be accessed at:

Our analysis also conclude that most of the aforementioned challenges can be tackled, various uses cases can be solved using smart tools like Winjit’s IoT Sense, Azure IoT Hub, and Secure IoT Sensors.

Ultimately, Rapid solution development with cognizant engagement, discussion, and collaboration across varied stakeholders is the most effective way forward.

In conclusion, most of the necessary technological advances needed for a hyper connected ecosystem have already been made. There are computers, sensors, and networks to monitor and control devices. What remains is a way to manage these things together in an IoT system that is scalable, secure, performance oriented and interoperable which complies with the standards.

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